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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  July 29, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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quorum call:
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quorum call:
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the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. mr. dorgan: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the quorum call be vacated. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. under the previous order, the question occurs on the amendments 1879. the yeas and nays were previously ordered. the clerk will call the roll.
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the presiding officer: are there any senators wishing to vote or to change their vote? if not, on this vote the ayess are 35, the nays are 62. the amendment is not agreed to.
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a senator: move to lay that on the table. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. dorgan: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. mr. dorgan: under the unanimous consent the next vote is on amendment number 1895 and i ask for the yeas and nays. the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. there is. the clerk will call the roll. vote:
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vote: the presiding officer: are there any senators wishing to vote or
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to chai change their vote? if not, if not, the ayes are 79; the nays are 18. the amendment is agreed to. mr. dorgan: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. mr. dorgan: under the previous unanimous consent request, amendment 1884 will next be voted on. i ask for the yeas and nays. the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. there is. the clerk will call the roll.
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>> rick, i know you love pitching, and we've got two great electric arms on the hill tonight, came chawm -- joba chamerlain and matt garza. what do you expect? >> it's exciting. garza at 25 years of age, this guy in his last start matched up against roy halladay. he eventually got the win. he struck out the side in the ninth inning. he comes into this ball game with a lot of confidence. on the other hand, joba chamerlain in just 23 years of age, he's been terrific. he's won his last three decisions, and you just take a look at the yankees. in 19 starts, they're 13-6 with him on the mound. they too have a lot of confidence in their young right-hander. >> it's an exciting game and really for july a playoff-type
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atmosphere down in tampa. look forward to your call tonight, rick. thanks so much for joining us for the pregame extra. >> check it out, ryan. it's going to be a lot of fun. thank you. >> coming up, big 12 media day is continuing today. you a re going to be in for a treat because you will hear from some of these big 12 head coaches next.
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>> espnews brought to you by: >> we've got a final from san francisco. the pirates and the giants. here it is. randy winn facing matt happ. that gets into the corner that. would be that. the giants win it. what a game for matt happ... excuse me, for matt cain who doesn't figure in the win. nine innings, just three hits. he stays at 12-2 on the year but lowers his e.r.a. to 2.12. matt capps takes the loss. his name has been lofted about in many trade rumors. >> let's talk college football, big 12 specifically. look for another compelling edge-of-your-seat season in the big 12. my miss and nebraska split the north division title with
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missouri going on to the conference championship game. the south division was an absolute barn burner all season long. there was a three-way split for the division grown between oklahoma, texas and texas tech with the sooners advancing to the title game. oklahoma eventually losing to florida in the b.c.s. national championship game. let's hear more about this compelling conference from the coaches. >> last year's season, we had a lot of question marks with our team, and we weren't really sure how good we would be. we had to base it on what running back stepped up. we had to base some things on what would happen in the secondary because we had very young safeties that had not played and opening up before passing seams and some other question marks that were going to pop up that guys had to play better than we thought they high have in the past coming in. and they did that. they responded well. they answered the bell. they had a tremendous year. this year's team is in a
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position more like the 2005 team. it's more of a dangerous position. but at the same time, you feel like that because the expectations are much higher, the 2005 team lived up to those expectations. they stepped up. they played well. they played well throughout the season. we had a big game at ohio state. they won that. they had a hurdle to get over at oklahoma. they won that and then pretty much finished the season on a high. and i do remember watching the sc-notre dame game, the end of it when notre dame looked like they were going to beat s.c. that year. we just played oklahoma state. we walk into the dressing room and our players are glued to the tv and watching our team that night. they wanted s.c. to win. i wasn't sure. we'd be number one if notre dame won, and our team was unanimous that they were all pulling hard for s.c. to win because they wanted to match up with s.c. in the national championship game.
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the thought being that this year's team will have to live up to the same expectations. >> do you think there's any way colt can possibly duplicate the numbers he had last year? and can you win all your games if he competes like that? >> i do think colt can improve. and just listening to him and watching him, he studied film so much to see every little glitch that he felt like he had last year. so if there was a fumble, if there was an interception or incompletions, he's looking at how he can just do better, and he's... i do not feel like he's come back and put so much pressure on himself. that was a concern i had is do you come back now and how do you beat being the best in the history of college football? i think what he's doing is he's trying the look at things that he feels like he can improve instead of saying, i've got to do better than the best. he's going back and looking at little things. he and greg davis have studied so far. i really feel like he's looking forward to trying to be better
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than last year, and obviously the only thing colt wants is to be one second better. >> mike, when you have the kind of success and the kind of season you had last year, such an incredible season, talk about the transition you have to go through coming back from, that especially when you make changes at quarterback when you lose a guy like crabtree. >> i don't think it's really that dramatic. a lot has been made out of it, but, you know, there was a time when nobody had heard of herrell and crabtree, too. there was a couple years ago where the questions were a little more along the line of, well, how's the herrell guy, going to be any good? how is the crabtree guy? he's just a freshman and all this other business. it's a yearly ritual honestly. and so yeah, there's some guys that are going to play that most people haven't heard of, but they've been around our place for a while, an we feel good about them. i think they're going to do well.
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i don't feel like there's a big letdown this year. i think that we had the best off season that we've had since i've been there. i think we're... i don't know that we'll have an individual player that is as good as crabtree was, you know, among the receivers, but i think the overall receiver unit will be a little deeper and could very well overall be better. quarterback, you know, he could end up being the starter, which at the end of spring he was our front-runner. and he could have started for a lot of teams last year. he could have started for ours except for graham was ahead of him. and, you know, which that's, you know, in graham's case you got a guy that's thrown more touchdown passes than anybody in the history of college football, and he's the only guy in the history of college football to throw back-to-back 5,000-yard seasons. so it's not like he was
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following a guy that didn't have pretty good capabilities. and then... so i feel really good about it. and i think to me everything he's done is very impressive. regardless of who ends up being our starter, i know we've got a good one. if somebody beats out boeck, i know we've got an even better one. so i feel really good about it. he's a bigger guy, stronger arm. you know, where's the whole experience, learning curve and all that? i don't know. probably there will be some things learned along the way, but he's been with us for three years and he's familiar with all the receivers he's throwing to. >> i asked you this question i think before the big 12 championship game. i'd like to know if you've re considered. welcome back. have you reconsidered there's a
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danger that you'll kill yourself trying to get back to where you were when you left. >> i hope you said that in jest. that's a good question. i don't think so. my doctor says i'm doing okay. you know, it's a demanding thing no matter how you look at it. i think it is for every coach no matter what their age happens to be. >> bill, several people have tried, this gone back to a school where they were very suck unfortunately. it really hasn't worked all that well most of the time. why do you think it's going to be different this time for you? >> well, i don't know whether it will be different or not, barry. by the way, i don't know if i ever told you face to face you wrote one of my most famous articles ever, the only one i've ever given to my children, and i appreciate that a great deal, a long time ago. you know, i don't know whether it will be any different and maybe what some others have experienced. and that wasn't the purpose
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behind reentering kansas state university football program. it had something to do with things i think above and beyond that. primarily it had to do with the people of kansas state, the tremendous people we have, the k state nation so to speak. our football family. you know what, the outcome will be i have absolutely no idea. but, you know, if we can... we can settle the waters down and it will have been worth the effort. >> still to come, brett favre is staying retired. vikings coach brad childress speaks out for the first time. you can hear it next right here on espnews. you do get a hint of drinkability right away. does my pen have write-ability? come on people, we gotta focus. we're not leaving until we've met our budget. we need ideas. we could cut back on marketing.
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  coming up on o's xtra, l look back on the outstanding start by berken last night. his spot in the inning possibly in jeopardy and he pitched six outstanding innings. 21-year-old chris tillman joins the orioles rotation tonight. we're look at jim johnson, who allowed the game tying run in the 8th inning. it's the royals and orioles game three of the series. and it's o's xtra on masn right now. . it is a hot and humid night
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at oriole park at camden yards. it is o's xtra presented by at & t, at & t your world delivered, and as you saw, the tarp is on the field. a lot of rain in the area. not raining at the moment. but it looks like it's going to be one of those kind of nights as the orioles get set to take on the kansas city royals. tonight it is game three in the four-game series. welcome everybody, jim hunter with rick dempsey. birds trying to snap a two-game losing streak. and a roster move because of the pitching change in the rotation. as chris tillman has been promoted from triple a norfolk he will make his major league debut and rich shill has been placed on the disabled list,'s they get tillman on the 40 man roster. so tillman is up. hill on the disabled list and simon on the 60 day dl and this is another step often the
6:32 pm
turnover of the roster. four rookies in the rotation and here's the 21st-year-old making his debut. >> spring training he had a very good spring training. he had an opportunity it make the club out of spring training but he didn't do that. he had very good numbers coming out of spring training but he was told to go back to triple a ball to work on his changeup of all things. he's got a good fastball, well in the mid-90s. but all he had to do was learn how to do fastball, changeup, fastball, change up. his best pitch everyone says is his curveball. this guy has put it all together and he is one of the pick prospects, they counted on him to come up here and be one of his main starters in the rotation. we're getting an early look at him. fun watching this young man in his debut. >> orioles pitching coach kranitz has had a long track record ever dealing with young pitchers and he has stable of
6:33 pm
them here with the oriole. let's head across to the dug out and welcome in amber. >> reporter: rick kranitz does know a thing or two about bringing up young pitchers. the tarp is on the field and that might be a good thing for chris tillman. if you remember, it rained bfr brad bergesen and hernandez' debut, both went on to win. maybe the rain is a good luck charm for the rookies making their debuts. the youth movement is taking on the roast are. tillman is the 7th to make the roster this year. he's 21 years old. the youngest oriole to make the team after hinn, he was 20 years old. you have to wond whaer these hours leading up to the game are like. i talked to the catcher tonight, gregg zaun, and he told me right before the game in the clubhouse
6:34 pm
you'll see that particular person, personality magnified. so if a player is high strung, you'll see them pinging off the wall. and if they're laid back, they're subdued. and he says tillman is subdied right now. kranitz told me this is a moment he's been waiting for his whole life and when he looks back on that 1st inning he probably won't even remember it because of the adrenaline that's running. if tillman sticks to the good stuff that good him here it will be a fun debut to watch. >> perfect pitcher's body. when you look at a pitcher and he's tall and thin and wiry, got real nice loose arm to the point where he's throwing the ball 91 or 92, it appears to be harder. i mean he's real loose and a little bit like hernandez if the fact that he's deceptive and the
6:35 pm
ball gets there quicker to the batter than they think. his curveball is a 12/6 breaker that a little bit inconsistent at times, but it's a power, power curveball, and his changeup is the pitch that's come along this year. and i probably -- one of his better out pitches which is really nice to see from a young kid because it's that good. >> reporter: well, there's no question that chris tillman will be in good company. take a look at how the orioles rookie starters have done in their debuts this year. bergesen got the win, last 35 and 2/3 inning. jason berken got the win, 35 innings, 2 erpd runs and 7 hits, and david hernandez a win as well for him 5 and 2/3 innings. we'll see if there's a rain delay. chris tillman, hopefully there will not be. the last thing you want is a rookie sitting in there and
6:36 pm
waiting for the debut to happen. it happened to berken. he came out and pitched a very good game. amber, thank you very much. the 21-year-old about to make his debut tonight. here's the royals lineup he will face as he takes the mound for the first time as the big leader. dejesus, bloomquist, butler, teahen, callaspo at second base, jacobs, olivo will catch, maier gets the start in center field and batten court will bat ninth. orioles, roberts, jones, markakis, huff against greinke 6 for 16, .375 batting average. he's hoping to find his stroke this year. reimold, wigginton, mora, zaun, a lot of responsibility tonight, he has to catch the rookie, he
6:37 pm
takes his bat to the plate swinging well. >> i'm trembley it's better to have avate vet behind the plate. had a tough time getting big hits when he was playing every single day, not that he was singing the bat any better or worse than he is right now, just this seems to fit him better and he's on a role and raising the batting average right now. >> so tonight it is game three in this four-game series and another exciting night as a 21-year-old chris tillman gets set to make his major league debut. and they're moving the tarp off the field. we're going to look back at last night as jason berken had an outstanding outing and possibly saved his spot in rotation. so when you said you bring fiber optic
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 . o's xtra is brought to u
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by corona and corona light official sponsors of the timeout. please relax responsibly. and tonight's forecast brought to you by train, visit them to find an independent train heating and air conditioner near you. the grounds crew is in the process of removing the tarp. 83 degrees, winds out of the south southwest at 8 miles an hour, it is another absolutely muggy night here at oriole park. 60% of the forecast, showers and thunderstorms at any time during the night. the hope is they'll stay away long enough to get the game in and not interrupt the two pitchers, zach greinke and chris tillman. the orioles have dropped the first two games in this series and this was to be the home stand to turn around the road trip going 2-7 on the road. kansas city had a 2-0 lead as the orioles came up in the
6:41 pm
bottom of the third. adam jones, one swing, tied the game. >> what a mighty swing it was. this ball goes way back in the grand stands. this is a no doubt about it. 16th home run of the season, ties the game back for the orioles in the bottom of the 1st. >> bottom of the 6th, 2-2 game. broke the bat and served this line drive for an rbi single >> one of four hits on the night for wieters. he drives in nolan reimold with the go-ahead lead. >> bloomquist, first batter he faced, he knocked it out. >> he's been swinging a hot bat against the orioles in this series right here. put the tying run up with that home run. >> and then we go to the 11th, john buck who entered the game as a defensive replacement. this drives in the run. >> it goes over everybody's head
6:42 pm
for an error and the royals go ahead 4-3. >> there's the final, 4-3. wright against the winner relief, maier the loss. jason berken was the story. how would he react with a spot in the rotation possibly on the line? he allowed a two-run home run in the 1st inning. three batters in the game he trailed but did settle down and did not allow another run and following the game last night berken talked about his outing. >> it was hot tonight. it was one of those days and i throw a pitch and see sweat fly on my jersey. i tell the guy throwing, i felt good the whole night. just -- i felt i was done, i was good. >> dave said he felt like he did what he had to do. kept the team in the game. settled down after the home run and did what he expected you to do.
6:43 pm
>> it's not fun putting your team in the hole but we got back to even, once that happened, i thought, hey, keep us in the game and give us a shot and try to get deep in the game. >> we just got to continue to battle. we can't do no more than that. everyone has to do thir part and hopefully everything falls into line. >> basic thing for me coming out of the new york game, numbers wise it didn't look great. i was looking forward to the start. i'm sure you guys have heard me say a hundred times i feel i'm getting better, the numbers haven't been great, but i feel i am getting better. by no means am i done working, still a process, and it's just the future i get better. >> no excuses at the big league level as you look at the line last night. as you do look at his numbers, 0-8 in his last 11 starts and in five of those starts, rick, he
6:44 pm
has allowed two earned runs or less, and in this league and in this division, when you allow two earned runs or less you should feel like you have a chance to win and yet berken in those 11 games is 0-8 despite the fact that he's been pitching very, very well. what i liked about what i saw last night is even after falling behind he got himself in a few more jams and three different times he was able to pitch out of it. >> you could say that he only made one bad pitch all night long and that was the home run he gave up early in the ball game. over all, what i noticed was how much his curveball, how effective his curveball was all night long. once he got confidence with the curveball, he was able to relax, make better pitches with the fastball, you see the way the ball ran in onto hands, big double play, roberts turns it for him. this is how he has to g a young kid, a tough kid, a grinder, one of those guys that really most of the time keeps the ball down in the zone and gives the chance to the team to the team to win
6:45 pm
ands' been doing that overall. a couple of bad games where the ball was up and i think he's trying to figure out these major league hitters at the time. we'll see if he's able to build on the good outing he had last night. i think he did a good job last night, too. >> tillman on the team, berken off that fine outing last night has solidified his spot. >> we'll take a look jim johnson last night, brought on to protect the one-run lead and the game tying run in the 8th. ffrz ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy...
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♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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 . there's youngster chris tillman, a 21-year-old beginning to limber up as he gets set for his major league start as the royals and orioles battle it out. it is wired wednesday during the telecast tonight gary thorn and buck martinez will chat with manager trembley and meredith who was acquired during the road
6:48 pm
trip by the orioles. if you want to check out more on dave trembley, and check on the video journal. last night jim johnson came on in the 8th inning to protect the 1-run lead and the first batter he saw bloomquist saw a game tying home run. it sent the game to extra innings eventually won by the royals. if you pitch the 8th or the 9th you get noticed. amber spoke to him. >> yeah, definitely, i mean, you know, if i make a mistake it gets shown on espn, if i do nigh job, george finishes out the game. it's part of it. like, you know, you're going to have ups and downs throughout the season, so, you know, just a little rough pitch, nothing i can't fix. >> reporter: for you the first half of the season was so solid and consistent and for relievers they don't go through that long of a stretch being consistent. have you a good outing and then
6:49 pm
a bad outing, good outing, bad outing, but your mentality that you have, how does that help you? you seem to be a guy that forgets about things easily. >> yeah. today is a different day. so, i mean, there's worse things that can happen, so, you know, i just trying to do my job. i don't try and make it too difficult, i just try to make my pitches. more often than not i'm going to have success and more often than not we'll win games. >> reporter: here's a question that a lot of guys don't think it. trade deadline is coming up, george's name is out there. a lot of interest. has the thought crossed your mind that if he goes in a matter of couple of days you would be the team's close are and how would you feel about that -- closer and how would you feel about that role if it materializes >> george is here and it's his job. we all know it and how important he is to the team. if that happens, we'll worry about it then. you know, you can't look too far ahead, you know.
6:50 pm
you got to take it one game at a time. we have so many games, you just got to look at it one day at a time. >> so jim johnson talking with amber and there are the numbers on the season overall, a very good year so far for johnson, 3-4. but the e.r.a. respectable. and sherrill better as he is 20 out of 23 in the save opportunities. jim johnson spoke with amber about his recent struggles and it's good to hear a player understand it's just not working and it is part of the game. his e.r.a. is 7.27 and he's allowed three home runs. if sherrill is traded and johnson moves in to the closer role, we know he has the stuff but what about pitching with the game on the line. >> well, i think jim johnson can assume it easily. he's setup guy. he has to pitch in the 7th or 8th inning. i think what happened was a freak thing this year. i don't want to make excuses for
6:51 pm
him but i kind of understand it because i've caught a lot of guys out of the bullpen in the past. this year, instead of the three-game all continue star break, we had a four day break, he was away from pitching for four straight days. a guy like jim johnson, have you to ride him like a race horse. every other day he has to be out on the track. that's one thing that affected his sinker. he tells the hitter it's coming and they still won't hit it. he lost sharpness because he was away too long. i noticed a difference in the way that the ball is moving around in the strike zone. but i think it will come back. dead arm, something like that, rebuilding himself. in a couple of days i think we'll see jim johnson where he is at his strength. >> and jim johnson seems to have the number one criteria for a back end of the bullpen guy: the ability to forget. if you have a bad night, you forget about it, you show up the next day, because you know, what your team might need you tonight
6:52 pm
and it's good to hear that from jim jonson. zach greinke the best e.r.a. in the major leagues, 2.04 and going against chris tillman about to make his debut. the 21-year-old getting loose to join the big leagues. 
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
  . >>> orioles and royals toni, let's get the rick dempsey scouting report on chris tillman about to make thinks debut. >> as soon as he steps on the mound it will be a record four the orioles already. five rookie starters on the mound, first time in oriole history, and another record if he should happen to win tonight, 5-0, all five of them in their debuts, that would be the record. number two made the grade, as we talked about earlier he was told to go down to triple a ball, work on his fastball, complemented by the changeup, and you see what it did to his
6:55 pm
minor league numbers. they were awesome. the e.r.a. at 2.7 coming in here. >> hey, kid, welcome to the big leagues. your mound opponent tonight, the best pitcher in the league tonight, zach greinke. >> he's not giving up much, three or fewer runs in 18 of his 20 starts so far this year. and six of his last six, three or fewer runs in a row. he's had a bumpy july. even though he was 0-for-3, 0-3 in july, with a 2.4 e.r.a. of course they don't score him very much. two of those games he gave up one run in 7 innings and got the loss in both of them. so this man doesn't give up many runs and he's going to be tough to beat. i don't care what his offense does for him. >> orioles have lost two in row. they're 2-9. what is the key to the game? >> load them up for the outfield. i'm not talking about kansas
6:56 pm
city loading the bases i'm talking about the orioles putting people on base because the oriole outfield is second in the american league in driving in runs. 168 rbis. so we need people in base in front of these guys because they can drive them in. >> o's xtra challenge, i have won two in a roeshgs i have closed the gap 5-3, who is the player to watch? >> i'm sticking with nick markakis, he has 11 doubles and 5 home runs and 25 rbis, only been 0-for-two times this year. i can't see them getting him out tonight. >> my player to watch is gregg zaun. he's calling the game. it's telling tillman, i've been around the block, you listen to me. i'm going to nurse you through t
6:57 pm
because he's not playing any more, he's got a hot bat. s' going to pull me within one of rick dempsey on that chart. >> you've won the last night. your guy had four hits my guy had none. no problem for wieters. i'm not going to say anything, i want to get back on track. >> tonight here at oriole park at camden yards, the birds getting set to take on kansas city. don't forget, turn on the radio, 105.7, angel has the call. gary thorn and buck martinez is it next. enjoy watching and enjoy the game everybody. we're back with o's xtra postgame. see you later on. 
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 . >> gary: spring training foe orioles. all about the young pitchers who would make their way to the major league level. that is exactly what's happened this season. bergesen has put on a trem show. pie in the face, you better believe it, herndz has come hernandez has come on. chris tillman will pak his major league debut. is there a pie innist future? -- in his future? 
7:01 pm
 . >> gary: it's the orioles on masn, game three of the four-game set against the kansas city royals with kc getting victories in the first two, the sun is really shining. they're shading their head from sunny rays. know, it's sprinkling out but the tarp is off the field. a little rain going through the area but they have taken the tarp off and we are scheduled to be on time for this ball game and obviously for the orioles they want it definitely to be on time as the young pitcher makes his major league debut, chris tillman. he joins five others who have been out there on the mound, supportwise from their team. take a look at the numbers. for the rookie starters this year, 12-20 their record, all others, e.r.a. considerably lower for the younger pitchers. run support is lower as well but
7:02 pm
with that e.r.a. you're going to get some wins. so buck martinez, the growth process for the orioles continues tonight. >> it sure does. this is the most promising time for the history of this organization with so much good young pitching. the thing about tillman we've heard about him for a while. he's 21 years old. he's a power pitcher. 99 strikeouts and 2.730 e.r.a. he's pitched 99 innings and 46 games above a. ball but his stuff is exceptional. >> your opponent will be the number one e.r.a. in all the major league baseball. >> good news and bad news. zach greinke has thrown five complete games and didn't give up a home run in the first of the season. there's the five complete games.
7:03 pm
total package. great delivery. four pitches, commands the strike zone. >> one of the things that has happened this season for these young players, people like wieters and it happened just now, tillman is walking into the dug out from the bullpen. the fans are on their feet giving him a standing ovation. there is so much interest, so much desire in the oriole fan park to have these young players succeed. i mean there is pressure on these young players. >> i don't think so. i think it's time for them to take over. it's time for them to step up and win games. they're confident but not cocky. i like the fact that they play together in the minor leagues, they've in fact won together in the minor leagues and now it's time to become big leaguers and tillman will do that tonight. >> he will take on a kansas city team that his its best offensive numbers against the orioles. they're hitting almost .300 and have outscored the orioles in
7:04 pm
this series. >> a lot of extra guys are getting a chance to play because of the injuries to the regulars, but royals have won four of the six games, hit nearly .300 and outhomered the orioles. the orioles are going to have to swing the bat better. you better not expect home runs against zach greinke. >> chris tillman takes the mound, game three, kansas city and the o's.
7:05 pm
7:06 pm
  . >> gary: orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and acura, acura, advance. . well, i was wrong. those weren't sun beams that the umbrellas were deflected and it's raining like heck. >> they've hit the last key and then the rains opened up and the tarp is coming out. the orioles are on the field. tillman was standing on the mound and the home plate umpire
7:07 pm
waved to the grounds crew and we'll have to wait it out. >> we're getting a rain delay. bring you up to date on the move made today in order to get tillman here. officially, had to be a roster change, and the roster change was that rich hill was put on the 15 day dl. now, the official announcement is that he's on the dl with left shoulder inflammation. however, prior to the game when dave trembley was meeting with the press, this is what transpired. listen to what he says and then a question that's asked regarding the injury to hill. >> rich hill is going ton the dl. he's on the dl with shoulder inflammation. >> put this delicately. we talked to rich hill and he mentioned torn labrum, is that something you've heard or, you
7:08 pm
know, obviously transsends inflammation. >> i talked to him this afternoon before we came down with the paperwork and that's the first time i've heard that. >> so he had not heard about the problem that rich hill was talking about until he got out to the bench talking to the press before the game. so, that's where that stands. >> buck: yeah, and what the plan is for rich hill to have an mri. i spoke to andy mcphail and he suggested that everybody has different sorts of tendonitis. it's difficult to diagnose until somebody looks at it. >> gary: for chris tillman, this is the last thing that the orioles wanted to have happen. he completed his warmups, went out to the mound, ready to go, and he's forced to sit through some kind of a rain delay as there are thunderstorms in the area. 83 degrees, very humid, very summer-like night here at camden yards. >> the thoroughbred was in the starting gate and now you have
7:09 pm
to back him out and put him on the bench. >> gary: the last key of the national anthem, the thoroughbred is back. >> buck: i'll well rested. >> gary: you're barking at the wrong choir. we've got a rain delay. and. [ laughter ]. >> gary: we're hoping chris tillman is able to get back out there and get this thing started when they're ready to go of course we will be back, game three with the orioles and the royals. rain delay right now. eñ have not within able to talk to either one of them just yet, but they've been widely quoted as saying, hey, no hard feelings. this is a business and now we're ready to get down to business. >> george smith, an interesting training camp for the vikings for sure. we appreciate the latest. thanks so much. >> camp confidential is brought to you by:
7:10 pm
>> plaxico burress had chris hands to tell his side of the story today. the former . >> the former receiver testified for 2 and a half hours before a manhattan grand jury investigating a weapons charge against him. he faces up to 3.5 years in prison. it was burris's idea to testify. the 31-year-old receiver who shot himself in the thigh at a manhattan nightclub last november wanted the jury, which was to decide his fate, wanted the jury to know the truth and how sorry he feels. >> i was tearful, i was honest, and i'm truly remorseful for what af done and what happened and what i did. and i just want to thank everybody, family, friends, for the support. >>.
7:11 pm
>> he had a pistol permit in another state. this weapon was not used in the commission after crime, it was not used to hurt anyone else. the only person who suffered was mr. burris as a result of this unfortunate incident. the weapon was surrenders, he surrenders, he took no evasive action whatsoever. >> meanwhile, a source with knowledge of the grand jury proceedings tells espn that the giants linebacker antonio pierce is expected to testify before the grand jury tomorrow. he was with burris the night he shot himself. >> the cleveland broundz.
7:12 pm
coming up, keith law tells us why roy halladay will or won't be traded before the deadline. you're covered. because every bottle turns blue when your beer is as cold as the rockies. it's cold insurance, only from coors light. ( cheering, splash ) cold beer: that's our policy. frost-brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer.
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>> well, this isn't the first time the indians have traded their ace. this happened last year. they traded cc sabathia to the brewers. back-to-back cy young award winners leaving cleveland for teams involved in the race for the playoffs. of course, the latest cliff lee, the lefty won the cy young last year. traded to the phillies. or today. more on the pending mlb trade deadline.
7:15 pm
i welcome in keith law, who is now a baseball insider for keith, assess the phillies-indians trade from both sides for us. >> love it from the phillies' perspective. they managed to get a guy who has been pretty clearly top three in the american league for the last year and a half. amongst starting pitchers. they didn't give up their best pitching prospect or either of their best hitting prospects. for cleveland, having a hard time juferg their side of the trade. they took on four guys not in the top three in the phillies organization. all of those guys have major red flags on them as prospects, whether it's injuries or just lack of production. to me it seems like too little return for a guy who was justifiablely the cy young award winner in 2008 and was pretty clearly top three or four in the league in 2009. >> the indians did pull the trigger. this most likely takes the phillies out of the roy halladay sweepstakes. do you think the blue jays might be kicking themselves for not getting one of those philadelphia pitchers that were sale to cleveland today?
7:16 pm
>> i don't think so. i think if i'm j.p. ricciardi, i'm looking at the package that was just sent to cleveland and saying, there is no way on earth i was going the take that for roy halladay. the blue jays if they don't deal him to boston, which probably is the best suitor left, are probably better off just holding him until the off season. they'll get a little bit less in terms of what teams are expecting out of halladay, so they might be willing to offer less, but the market will be so much broader in the off season because teams that are not contenders now will go into november and be planning to contend in 2010. >> with that said, he was on the hill today, pitched another gem for the blue jays. keith, would you be more surprised if he was or was not dealt? >> i would be very surprised if he was dealt at this point. i've been saying for three weeks, i think he's going to be a blue jay on august 1st. i think that became more likely today. >> interesting. another trade today. a couple trades from the pirates. they steal both jack wilson. ian snell to the mariners and then come back and trade freddie sanchez to the giants. they do get a triple-a catcher
7:17 pm
jeff clement according to baseball america was the top prospect in all the mariners' organizations. we've kind of joked about it in the newsroom. take a look at the pirates. they've dealt off six of their starting players from july of last year, three or four of those guys really, really good players, the likes of jason bay, nate mclouth, adam laroche, xavier nady, freddie sanchez. what are the pirates doing? >> the pirates g.m. is clearly the laziest g.m. in baseball. not working hard enough, not willing to talk to other g.m.s. he recognized to his credit that the core of a contender which is not present in pittsburgh, was not going to be present. the farm system was in bad shape when he took over. it's going to take more than a couple drafts to rebuild that organization. so when you look at the core of your big league club and figure, this isn't even a .500 team, let alone a contender, the best strategy, even if it's painful short term, is to trade those guys for longer-term assets. jack wilson did not have a great
7:18 pm
market right now because thereda were very few clubs looking for a shortstop, willing to take on the kind of money thatfi wilsons owed and willing to just valuebk his defense because he does very little at the plate. in seattle they found a team rec that values defense extremely highly and was willing to give them some pitching depth for the lower levels of the farm system, probably more than they would have gotten anywhere else. >> we thought the mariners would be sellers at the deadline. why do they make this deal? >> that's a good question. to try to justify it from their side, they're thinking they'll pick up jack wilson's option and retain him for next year. that's their shortstop solution. they don't have a shortstop anywhere in the upper levels of the farm system or on the big league roster who can play every day for them, but for them to be giving away prospects, even lesser-tier prospects now, it is confusing because where they are in the standings, they should be sellers. >> you're a guy that knows these names. the pirates continue to stockpile talent. they have mccutchen, milledge, alvarez and now clement. is this reason for the pirates
7:19 pm
to actually be optimistic for the first time in a long, long time. >> i think they've got the core of at least a winning club, which is not something they've had in about two decades there. they're putting together now i would say in high a double a. that puts them probably about two years from reallying being contributors in the big leagues? mccutchen is there, pedro alvarez, alderson who they picked up from the giants for freddie sanchez. very good polished pitching prospects with an outpitch breaking ball. he's probably two years away. give them until 2011 for that wave to start showing up, maybe 2012 before they really click. >> keith law, major league insider. the trade deadline is upon us. thanks for the info. i'm sure we'll talk to you soon. >> my pleasure. >> up next, roy halladay doesn't win in what could be, could be his last start as a toronto blue jay. you'll hear from him next on espnews.
7:20 pm
7:21 pm
7:22 pm
>> welcome back to the "p.t.i." program. okay, wilbon. on the vikings' quarterbacks good enough to win a super bowl? >> no. no. if they were, the vikings wouldn't have been doing this dance with brett favre. >> wait.
7:23 pm
let me say it again. are the vikings' quarterbacks good enough to win a super bowl? maybe you want to reconsider.y. >> no. no. no, i don't want to reconsider. i don't want the trash that vairtion jackson, sage rosenfels, even john david booty who i think is three going into camp, but if the vikings thought those guys were good enough, they wouldn't have been doing this dance with a 40-year-old guy. they would have said, okay, we got somebody on this roster who can help us win. so i don't believe that. >> rosenfels has had some flashes of success in miami and houston, but you're right. why would they go after favre if they thought these guys were good enough. in a way, that was a referendum dumb on brad childress. this team has everything else. they have running backs. >> good sturdy line. >> they have defense, offensive line. >> speed. >> and last year brad childress thought he could win with tarvaris jackson. he wasn't planning on gus frerotte. had to go to gus frerotte. this year everybody says sage rosenfels will be good enough. >> these guys aren't good
7:24 pm
enough. >> this shows clearly lack of faith in your quarterback because you're going after brett favre. >> to me this is a problem for management. management failed that team. if you don't think these guys are good enough, and you think maybe one of them is a really strong backup, whether it's jackson or rosenfels, keep that guy. keep both of them, but go out and get a quarterback in the off season. >> they tried. >> no, no, no, no. you don't get a 40-year-old guy. >> he's a quarterback and it's the off season. >> get a quarterback. >> one minute left. let's go to the big finish. >> let's do it. >> mark buehrle went five and two-thirds with a perfect game last night. how great would that have been. >> it would have been the greatest feat in the history of major league baseball, tony. randy johnson has a partially torn rotator cuff. will miss at least three weeks. big blow to the giants? >> i think he's done. i think they may not be.ease sta >> he wants to pitch in september. >> phil mickelson will return to the tour next week. he's committed to play in the pga championship, as well. your thoughts? >> i hope this is a sign that amy mickelson and mrs. mickelson, phil's mom, are a lot better.
7:25 pm
i hope they are. ichiro had his first walk-off hit last night, and it was his 1,953rd major league hit. how did it take so long? >> i have no idea. >> it's amazing. >> braylon edwards reported a day late for camp and failed a physical. are you surpriseed? >> i'm stunned at. this i like braylon edwards. i'm stunned. jeff garcia wants to win the starting job at oakland. can he? >> he's better than demarcus russell. last one, chien-ming wang has been shut down for the season. are you sad? he had an e.r.a.... >> the yankees took the bat out of my hand. >> out of time. try do better next time. >> i'm mike wilbon. same time tomorrow, knuckle heads. check out the "p.t.i." podcast on itunes. let's go back the bristol. >> "p.t.i.." >> roy halladay still a member of the blue jays. need proof? pitched today against the mariners. actually took the loss, his fourth of the season. pitched very well, seven innings, three earned. yet to be traded as the deadline approached.
7:26 pm
roy halladay took the podium in seattle. >> i really don't know. you know, it's... it's time to move on. it's time for me to be done talking about it and continue focus on my job. everyone has been talking about you last start. how has that been to handle? >> again, it's been pitching like i always have. that's been the focus. and i think it has to be that way. so i'm going to continue to do that. >> one more quick one. you've been going through this and continue to. would you want to go through something like this again? >> well, i'm done going through it now, so it's... for me it's something that you address it one point and you're done. there's not a lot i can control
7:27 pm
right now. so again, my focus is on pitching and i'm not going to worry about those types of things. >> roy, what was going on out there today? >> well, two bunts, two broken-bat hits. it's a lot of things. i made some bad pitches when i needed to make good pitches. so those types of things happen. but obviously it's a team that grinds you and finds a way to get on base and i made a few mistakes. >> mawbl. [inaudible] >> i think it's a different kind of heat. it wasn't that muggy, hard-to-breath thing. it was warm, but it's just one of those things that, you know,
7:28 pm
sometimes especially a high pitch count, you know, it's going to be fatiguing, but it's one of those things that you try and put out of your head. you know that. >> has it been trying? has it been tough? >> of course, for me and my family. it's not fun to go through. so that's why i'm trying to do the best i can to turn the page right now, and like i said, there's not much i can control at this point. there comes a point where you have to quit worrying about those things, and do the best you can and move on. >> how will it be to have friday come and go with a resolution one way or the other? >> i think it's just going to be, you know, nice to... as much
7:29 pm
as we try to get back to normal, you know, it's obviously brings a lot of attention and a lot of questions from all angles, you know, not only the media but family and friends. so i'm looking forward to the normalcy of playing regular baseball. >> do you expect to be a blue jay on friday? >> again, i'm ear now, and like i said, i don't have a crystal ball. i can't predict those things. i plan on making my next start here next month. >> you have day off tomorrow. how much do you need the time maybe away from the game and i way from the media? >> it's going to be nice. i'm going to lock myself in a room and hide. you can't ever forget that you're doing something that you love to do. and with that sometimes comes the other things. so i've always tried to keep that in mind. i enjoy doing what i do.
7:30 pm
i love going out andúúxx  . >> gary: as you can see thep is back out. since we last joined you the tarp had been pulled oft the field and just started rolling it out and it was a downpour and now they're going to try to pull it off again. still in the rain delay. and time to bring you up to speed with the at & t rapid rewind. >> we've had a lot of things happen here this afternoon. tillman is going to make his major league debut eventually. he went down to the bullpen, warmed up, got loose, all ready to prepare, came in received the acknowledgements from his teammates, ran to the mound, stood on the mound for the national anthem and then walked off when the rains came. they covered it up. he has to sit in the dugout, and they have now announced the game may be another 15 or 20 minutes. >> gary: at & t the nation's
7:31 pm
fastest network, at & t your world delivered. gary thorne and buck martinez. give credit to the grounds crew. this is one of those nights they haven't been able to win. every time they take it off it rains, every time they put it back on it stops. what do you do for the second time to warm up to get ready? >> he'll go on the mound and warm up right on the field and not go back down to the bullpen because he hasn't been sitting that long. it's hot and muggy. he won't get stiff at all t probably go right to the mound and get the warmups. zach greinke will go down into the royals bullpen and loosen up as tillman loosens up on the field. >> old times and future times. matt wieters and tillman sat side by side on the bench.
7:32 pm
part of that grouping of that young organization who have a chance to be here at the major league level and it's one at a time in the progression. >> buck: a good thing, too. there's a friendly competition, these two guys played together in double a last year. know each other well. berken and bergesen and hernandez, that kind of competition fuels one another and these young guys have talked about it before. hey, how about if we got to the pig leagues at the same time? -- big leagues at the same time? and that's true. they've advanced quickly through the system. >> gary: wait and see what the start time is going to be. we'll take a break and be right back here at camden yards. the crew will get the field ready in hopes the rain holds off. at samuel adams,
7:33 pm
nothing we brew is as versatile with food as boston lager. the sam adams lager goes beautifully with a lot of ethnic spicy foods.
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7:35 pm
with an e.r.a. of 4.75. now going to pittsburgh, jeff clement, the third overall pick in the '05 draft out of u.s.c. ronny cedeno is going to be heading to his third team in two years. he's peace his believe you four seasons with the cubs. >> so jack wilson gone from the pirates. bucs would have to face the giants would him and try the face matt cain, looking for his major league leading 13th win. cain dealing today. brandon moss goes down. bottom third, zach duke putting up zeros to match cain's performance. torress into the double play. duke, seven innings, no earned runs. to the tenth we go, and randy winn wins it for the giants, laces one down the first base line. that would be enough to do it as the giants get a big win, 1-0. matt cain goes nine innings, three hits, no earned runs, and the giants get the win. they're now 45-9 this season
7:36 pm
when they score first. pablo sandoval, 1-4, has hit safely in 16 of his last 18. the story would be matt cain who hasn't lost in six starts. pirates dealt freddie sanchez before the game and after the game they dealt their second baseman freddie sanchez. wilson and sanchez led the majors as a double play combination. 31-year-old sanchez the '06 national league batting champ hitting about .300 this year with six home runs as the pirates prayed for a pitching prospected. >> astros and cubs. mike hampton struggled on the mound against the cubs who came in half game out of first in the n.l. central. alfonso soriano heating up at the right time. 19th home run of the year. cubs had 5-0 lead after one. they add two in the second. aramis ramirez against hampton, his ninth of the year. cubs went on the -- to a 12-0 win. huge victory. put hem in a tie with st. louis.
7:37 pm
later hampton, nine earned runs allowed if four innings pitched. that's nose since 2003. chicago 10-3 since the all-star break. soriano 15 r.b.i.s in his last 11 games. >> still to come, all our top stories including why plaxico burress thought it was a good idea to testify today in front of a jury. >> espnews brought to you by: dleer >> espnews brought to you by:
7:38 pm
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>> plaxico burress had his chance to tell his side of the story today. the former giants' wide receiver testified two and a half hours were before a manhattan grand jury that's investigating a weapons' charge against him. burress faces up to three and a half years in prison. his attorney, benjamin brafman says it was burress idea to testify. the 31-year-old receiver who shot himself in the thigh in a manhattan nightclub wanted the jury, which was to decide his fate to, know the truth and to know how sorry he feels. more now from sal paolantonio. >> plaxico burress testified before the grand jury for more than two hours, along time considering the simple nature of the gun possession charges against him. then for the first time since he was arrested eight months ago, burress broke his silence, saying he told the grand jury the truth. >> i testified today before the grand jury. i was truthful. i was honest.
7:41 pm
and i'm truly remorseful for what i've done and what happened and what i did. i just want to thank everybody, family and friends and fans for their prayers and support. thank you. >> mr. burress testified before the grand jury. he answered all questions as best as he could. truthfully. he asked the grand jury for compassion and understanding. i think it took a big man not just physically but a big man to come here today and acknowledge his responsibility and ask for the compassion of the people who he testified before. >> this was a huge gamble by plaxico burress, a ma move like this to stave off an indictment is rarely successful, and the testimony before the grand jury on wednesday by burress can be used by the prosecution if there's a trial. a decision on the indictment could come soon. in manhattan, sal paolantonio, espn. >> espn legal expert roger cossack joins us by phone to
7:42 pm
talk more about the burress j situation. whid youirst off, what did you take from today's proceedings? >> well, i think this is sort of plaxico burress' last hope to perhaps think he can convincevic the grand jury not to indict him. to the problem is that both thet prosecution and the defense aret both in agreement as to what the facts in this case are.e and the facts aren't good for plaxico burress. remember, linda, the crime is not... being in possession of ao unregistered firearm. if you've got the gun on you and it's not registered, you're guilty. you >> if you wereúú÷÷  . >> gary: well, chris tillman will have a more exciting story to hell his kids and grand kids about his first major league appearance about how he had to wait through the rain delay. he's on the mound warming up. still doing work on the field as they do that let's check in with amber. >> reporter: chris tillman is looking to become the fifth oriole rookie to win his debut
7:43 pm
this season. the orioles are the first team since 1890 to have at least four rookies win their major league debut in one year. take a look at who they are. none of them gave up more than two earned runs in their major league debut. it's important to point out that the record for the most rookies on one team to win their major league debut is six, that was set in 1888 by chicago. so if tillman wins tonight he'll be the fifth and when the roster expands maybe we'll see another starter come up so the orioles could tie that record. >> gary: the train keeps progressing is what's happening here this season and absolutely right, amber, it is amazing that the rookies have won so far each of them the first game pitched. >> a very good quality of pitcher we're seeing coming up and interesting how all of them
7:44 pm
have faired well. >> gary: let's take a look at starting lineup for kansas city. it will be day jesus, bloomquist, butler, teahen, collapse poe, jacobs, olivo, maier, and betancourt. butler has had the orioles' pitchers' numbers. >> time for the tmc scouting report. chris tillman making his major laying debut. has a good fastball and an electric curveball and has developed a curveball. in triple a they hit .323 against him. his e.r.a. for his career just over 2.5 runs a game and he is at fourth of the five players acquired in the erik bedard trade with seattle. that's an impressive record. >> gary: talking about the condition of the mound. tillman will have the final say
7:45 pm
on this. and john hirschbeck out there with the home plate umpire wally bell and decide what they want to do on the mound. the career numbers, minor league numbers, have only gotten better for chris tillman as he's worked his way along. he's earned the right to be here. in norfork, 2.7 e.r.a., his strike out/walk ratio has been phenomenal. over all in the minors, 29-24, he's had 79 starts at the minor league level. >> 398 innings of minor league experience and he's a young man, 21 years old, and there is some concern on the mound, i'm not sure what it is, but they called the crew chief over, john hirschbeck, wally bell, had a long discussion with tillman and zaun , and now they are talking again. tillman looks to be ready to go and anxious to get this game started. >> gary: you can bet he wants to
7:46 pm
get this started. and they are asking, i think, they want the drying agent to be brought out and some more work done on the mound or second base. reimold, jones, markakis, in outfield. mora, izturis, roberts, wigginton around the diamond third to first. >> gary: his most recent numbers from july 3 through the 17th, he had three starts, and he threw 21 and a third inning he had 17 hits. 20 strikeouts and one walk in the span of three starts preparing himself to come here. some of the reports on him, baseball prospectus and i quote,
7:47 pm
his long skinny frame is loaded with potential, somewhat verifying is his right now stuff, fastball 92 to 94, featuring a heavy boring action, true swing and miss option, says he has a chance to be a top of the rotation type. at worst, should become a work horse in the middle of a big league rotation. those are just a couple of the reports that were out on line today as tillman got ready to come on and do the pitching. perhaps the pitcher -- the coach who has seen him most, dave schmidt, is the roving pitching instructor, they confident about a very important growth point and that's his changeup. that's the pitch he's been working on since the middle of last year and he now has real confidence in it, able to use it, and one of the primary reasons he's ready to pitch here. >> buck: the one thing you can do with changeup is control the timing of hitters and if you can
7:48 pm
throw it over you have a lot of success with that pitch. >> gary: tillmans' major league debut is official. the pitch is a strike as dejesus leads it off. hitting at .57, .257, four home runs, and the count will go to 1-1. the one thing tillman worked on this year and was of most concern was the walks that he surrendered in his minor league career and he's continually brought that number down. 1-1 delivery on the way. in there for a strike. and the count will go to 1-2. >> buck: that's a quality fastball at 93. target down and a way and tillman delivered. very patient, smooth delivery beings and he creates an impressive angle, high to low tough for the hitter to hit. >> gary: 1-2, and the pitch is
7:49 pm
taken outside, 2-2. still overcast skies. it is a humid night. very little breeze. some storm cells that are moving in and out. so we see if we have to contend with that in the ball game. a 41-minute rain delay getting this one started. 2-2 delivery. dejesus to center, jones backing up, and he's got had! boy did that ball carry to centerfield. >> buck: adam jones has come along with the bat and he's coming along with the glove. great jump on this ball and just outran it. this ball carried a long way. looked at determined effort by adam jones, has the meat on t reaches high over his shoulder and brings it in. john shelby has done a heck of a job that jones works at this all the time. always out hitting him bingos. and the separation between his head and glove is very significant because he can watch
7:50 pm
the ball into the pocket of his glove. >> gary: here's willie bloomquist. 5-for-9 in this series. so tillman records his first major league out. .275 hitter, 3 home runs for bloomquist on the season. 1-0 delivery. bit of an irony ton bloomquist. all three of his home runs have been hit on the road and all three of them have tied ball games. he's not a home run hitter. number two hitter, sprays the ball around pretty good. he's got gap power. five doubles so far on the season. the 1-1 delivery on the way to him and he'll foul it away. 1-2. >> buck: bloomquist' timing is exceptional. not going to hit many, save them for important times. he had his home run last night off the jim johnson on a high fastball. johnson after the game said it was a terrible pitch and he's
7:51 pm
made a few too many of those lately. >> gary: tillman will miss down low. and the count is 2-2: so first part, over. that first pitch. get that thing out of the way. now you settle in and start thinking about pitching a baseball game. at tender age of 21 and just turned that this spring. bloomquist, takes it down low, full count. the orioles overall, they need to get it going. 2-8 coming out of the all-star break. not a good mark. they've lost two in a row. kansas has won four out of six. a team they have to beat and kansas city feels the same way playing the orioles. 3-2 delivery. in the air to left centerfield, reimold over and he's got it. >> buck: tillman makes his major league debut and there are four
7:52 pm
youngsters in the rotation and dempsey caught up with hernandez and asked him if they thought about this possibility. >> we always talked about, you know, since we were in how great it would be if we were in the starting rotation up in baltimore. >> you guys talked about that? >> yeah. we never thought it would happen. it's been fun having these guys right next to me. it's definitely a pleasure. >> gary: and the pitch is taken for a strike. david hernandez. >> buck: you know it is special when you have a chance to come to the big leagues with guys you played with in the minor leagues and you have a tight knit feeling about getting through games and learning together in the big leagues. there's a changeup and what a devastating pitch that is. 82 miles an hour. 13 miles an hour slower than his best fastball tonight and a very well thrown pitch. great arm action, and butler was fooled. >> gary: billy butler has been a
7:53 pm
terror for the orioles hitting .393 this year with two homers and 10 rbis against them. one of the big surprises is that gregg zaun is behind the plate. that baffled a lot of people. you would have expected that with tillman coming up, having worked with their catcher of the day in the future matt wieters, wieters would have been the one starting the ball game. dave trembley said before the game. no. he wanted the experience of zaun and because of the day game tomorrow. >> gary: it is caught by izturis, so tillman, 1-2-2 inning. mom and dad on hand. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
7:54 pm
coors banquet was shipped by stage... to places like durango, leadville... and cripple creek. thirsty miners demanded a beer... made with the best high-country barley... and only rocky mountain water. today, our beer is shipped by rail...
7:55 pm
to places like memphis, buffalo and sacramento. but one thing hasn't changed: folks still demand a banquet. coors. the banquet beer.  . >> gary: there is chris tillman, a 1-2-3 inning. and the sun comes out. i don't know. starting lineup for the royals. roberts, jones, markakis, huff, reimold, huff against greinke and right now he hopes that continues. >> buck: aubrey huff has had a good run against zach greinke. fastball, curveball, slider, and a change, he throws them well. he has a great delivery which creates problems for hitters because every pitch looks like a fastball. he was human in june and july. in april and may, 8-1 with a 1.10 e.r.a. things have slowed down a bit
7:56 pm
for him as he went just 2-5 with a 3.35 e.r.a. in june and into july. >> gary: greinke hoping for run support because certainly what he does on the mound could make him a far better record man than 10-6, not that there is anything wrong with that but they haven't scored a lot of runs for him. he wants a new baseball here and also an r osen back to try to keep the hands dry. the lowest run support that's in major league baseball since june 1st. >> buck: josh greer of the padres. greinke has not won in july. he's stingy run support. >> gary: brian roberts will lead it off and the pitch will be taken for a ball. brian's 4-for-8 lifetime against greinke. .279 now for roberts. and that one is a base hit into
7:57 pm
left field. brian lashes one on the line, and that will bring up adam jones with a runner on. >> buck: first innings have been good for adam jones the last two nights. he hit home runs. first night against chen, last night against banister. got a high fastball and drilled it into the seats. two home runs, 4 rbis, and a cup of runs scored in the two games so far over his last six. seven hits, three home runs, a double, and he scored five. >> gary: and jones, like bloomquist, only more so because he's hit more home runs, hits key homers as 10 of his 16 have either tied on given the orioles a lead. 10 of his 16 home runs. delivery, swung and a miss. nasty slider down and away. >> buck: greinke has a great fastball. he can throw a slow curveball and effective changeup. he's the total package.
7:58 pm
>> gary: greinke with 44 wins, 51 losses life time. the 0-1 delivery jones showed bunt with teahen playing third and well back. >> buck: he's a tough competitor and if he sees something he doesn't like at the plate he'll brush you back. ask ramirez, he has done that a couple of times to him, up and in and flipped him as good as anybody. >> gary: 1-1 count, roberts at first base, slider again, that will miss outside. 2-1 count. trembley today talking about the growth of young players, using adam jones as an example. let me tell you about a couple of at-bats last night. talk about growth. took a slider away, took a changeup, didn't go after it, then got the pitch he wanted, ahead of the count and delivered the home run. he was saying that in terms of give chris tillman a chance.
7:59 pm
let him grow. don't expect him to come out here and be grover cleveland alexander, he will be some day, but it's a progression at the major league level. here's 3-1 delivery. breaking ball, and he went around on it. home plate umpire making the call, wally bell, and adam didn't think so. he foul tipped it. >> buck: he got an appeal down to third base to chad fairchild and it looked like it tipped off the bat and tipped off the catcher. >> gary: 3-2 strike to jones. see if brian roberts takes off at first base. brian being held over there. no indication ofni


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